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Our Staff

Each of our staff members is Christian and deeply devoted to the fruitful development of the young people in their care.

Southern Hills Christian College, we place equal value on giving our students a strong academic base and growing our students into mature and deep-thinking young people ready to tackle the world.

All our staff have a heart for pastoral care, and are dedicated to going above and beyond to see each child thrive and acheive their personal best. Ultimately, our aim is see our students succeed and be happy. 

Paul Beacham


Joel Vallance

Head of Secondary

Dr Andre Van Rensburg

Head of Secondary Curriculum 

Laurelle Coto Profile

Laurelle Coto

Head of Primary

Charles, Amy

Amy Charles

Dean of Early Learning Centre

Loader, Sharon

Sharon Loader

Dean of Primary


Vanessa Mills

Learning Support Coordinator (Primary)


Tessa Chapman

Enrolments Officer