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Secondary School

The secondary school years are when students are extended and prepared for life after school.

The facilities in the secondary school are fantastic and the staff are loving, caring, and supportive.


They accommodate different needs in the classroom and cater for the whole child. Staff place a heavy emphasis on building relationships, and believe that the teacher, student, and parent relationships are the key to students achieving success in the classroom.

We believe all teachers should be firm, fair, and flexible, and the staff at our college are always open to receiving feedback. We give great guidance to the transition out of high school and into the workplace. Students that struggle in numeracy and literacy are given a range of other areas for success, such as woodwork, metalwork, and music.

We also provide students opportunities to go into the workplace and experience different occupations, like working alongside butchers, diesel mechanics, childcare staff, hairdressers, veterinarians and more.

We want students to reach graduation, knowing who they are, and being grounded in Christian values, morals, and ethics, with a strong academic framework. Our desire is to see these students to become functional members of society, who contribute back.

Secondary Students will develop their competencies in all eight areas from the Western Australian curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Technologies, Languages, and Christian Living. 

In addition to the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and HASS, a wide range of subjects is available to all students at Southern Hills Christian College and we cater to all student learning directions. We provide ATAR courses (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Human Biology and Modern History), General courses (e.g. English, Integrated Science and Design), Vocational Education and Training (e.g. Business and Outdoor Education), or Trade Training (e.g. Electro Technology), with equal respect and encouragement for excellence in the pathways students choose. 

For those students following a VET pathway, Fridays are spent at the South Metro TAFE. 

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