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Emergency Services Cadets

Southern Hills Christian College offers the opportunity for high school aged students to be a part of the Emergency Services Cadets Corps.

Cadets participate in interesting and challenging training that provides practical life skills, develops leadership, teamwork and initiative, and fosters qualities of community responsibility and service.


Students that are involved in ESCC also benefit from the opportunity to accredit hours completed directly to their completion of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. 

Cadets builds school community. It gets students together outside of a classroom situation and facilitates them working together in groups, doing activities that build up their confidence and their skills, but also encourages them to go use those skills and abilities for people in need, or volunteer their time.

Students involved in cadets also get unique opportunities, like access to use the equipment we have, such as high ropes, mountain biking tracks, and canoes. Students can experience the emergency services we have in the community, which we hope one day leads them to be a part of them and volunteering their time to these organisations.

Core Modules:

  • First Aid & Emergency
  • Radio communications
  • Safe operation of equipment
  • Fire safety and preparedness
  • Search & Rescue techniques
  • Community service
  • Navigation and bushcraft
  • Drills and ceremonials
  • Personal & social skills

All cadet units have a unit coordinator and several instructors to provide leadership. There are currently over 80 cadets and 8 adult leaders or instructors in the Southern Hills Christian College unit.

Cadets is held every Wednesday during the school term between 3:30pm and 5:30pm at the College. Cadets are required to wear their Emergency Services Cadet t-shirts, and black shorts or pants when participating. Cadets are required to have their application form submitted prior to their second attendance.

Cadets is a government funded organisation and is free of cost to participants. At the end of each term reward activities are provided for those who have a high percentage of attendance. At the end of Term Four cadets are also invited to attend a three-day camp in Busselton.

For more information, please contact the College on 9497 1751.