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In Pre-Primary students cover all curriculum areas. English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, the Arts, Technology & Enterprise, Health & Physical Education and Christian Education will be integrated thematically.

Students learn through a program that uses play, discovery, and hands-on experience, which makes learning more meaningful to young children.


The children participate in whole-class and small-group activities. All children have a library time and are encouraged to borrow library books.

The children attend Specialist Subject classes such as Music, Outdoor Education, Digital Technologies, Chinese, and Physical Education with different teachers.

Bushland Play makes up a large part of our Outdoor Education program. It sees children explore, build, and climb in a safe environment. The students get dirty, challenge themselves and learn a lot about self-management, decision making, and risks through natural play.

Parents are invaluable to the Early Learning program, and we ask you to volunteer throughout the year as a Parent Helper. This includes helping with children’s activities, packing up, and joining in the fun. Children enjoy having family members visit them. It is an important part of the transition from home to school, and gives you a chance to participate in their learning. Parents are also welcomed to contribute certain recycling and unwanted items to the Useful Box, such as shoeboxes, wool and string, and dress-up clothes. 

Early Learning Handbook