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"Ultimately, we want to grow students into life-long learners by encouraging curiosity in a social, hands-on environment.”

– Mrs Jessica Street, Kindergarten Teacher

In Kindergarten we welcome our four-year-old students. We offer a three and five-day program, with the three-day program running on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

In Kindergarten, our focus is on developing the child’s positive interactions with other students as well as with teachers. These early years are about building up their emotional wellbeing and their confidence which are the building blocks for their later learning and adulthood. It’s important for younger students to have strong social skills and resilience as well as have a positive outlook on challenges and learning.

"Students get dirty, challenge themselves and learn a lot about self-management, decision making, and risks through natural play.”

– Mrs Jessica Street, Kindergarten Teacher

We are blessed with such a beautiful outdoor setting, which can be utilised by bringing into the classroom, and taking the students out to explore it. The Kindergarten program is play based and led by the children’s interests. Bushland Play makes up a large part of our Outdoor Education program. Children explore, build and climb in a safe environment. Messy Days are a favourite part of the program. It gives the children a chance to get hands on and get messy and just play. And it’s all about the things they can learn and discover through that. come rain or shine, students learn in the bush play area where the nature-based activities help to develop social skills, resilience, risk taking and problem-solving.

The Kindergarten program is explicit in numeracy and literacy, whilst catering for the children’s different learning styles. Some students may be more hands-on learners, or visual learners, or even learn through music and dancing. We love catering for these different styles.

The children attend specialist classes such as Music, Digital Technologies, Chinese and Physical Education.

We work with families to ensure children the best start to school. We have good relationships with parents and are available to discuss concerns. Parents can build into the program by sharing what their children are interested in and what areas they would like to see growth. We share in the learning journey with parents, getting excited as we each see their child grow and learn at home and at school.

Parents are invaluable to the Early Learning program, and we ask you to volunteer throughout the year as a Parent Helper. This includes helping with children’s activities, packing up, and joining in the fun. Children enjoy having family members visit them. It is an important part of the transition from home to school and gives you a chance to participate in their learning. Parents are also welcomed to contribute certain recycling and unwanted items to the Useful Box, such as shoeboxes, wool and string, and dress-up clothes. 

Early Learning Handbook