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"The best three-year-old classroom has an open door, giving the children opportunities to explore inside and outside. The children can freely move and go through their own discovery, while gently directed.”

- Keira-Lee Menage, Kickstart Teacher

Kickstart is where children experience their first year of school, and it’s so special to watch them learn how to build friendships and socialise, as well as get used to routines. Our three-year-old Pre-Kindergarten program runs on Thursdays and Fridays and serves as the perfect introduction to school. 

Students become confident in themselves in a safe and comfortable environment. They are so enthusiastic and energetic and have a lot of creativity. We follow their learning and let them discover through play. Students come out of Kickstart with an enjoyment of learning, confidence, and great social skills and friendships. Our aim is for the students to love coming to school, and be confident to try new things, and have an enjoyment of learning.

"My classroom is full of natural materials. I incorporate our beautiful bush environment into the classroom, which gives students more room to use their imagination, because a leaf can become anything.”

- Keira-Lee Menage, Kickstart Teacher

Our number one priority is making sure your child feels safe with our educators. All the staff are loving, caring and encouraging towards these young students. Students know they are always allowed to ask questions and feel safe to do so.

We create an environment that is homely. Students have a sense of ownership over their learning and the classroom. They get a say about what they want to be in the classroom and are proud to have their work on display.

Kickstart students start the year by learning routines, through play-based learning and self-discovery where the students make their own choices.

Learning occurs as staff set up stations of open-ended activities that invite students into play and develops their imagination and interests. These play-based stations solidify the learning students have been doing over the term and encourages sharing and working together.

Students in Kickstart do lots of fine motor activities like playdough and hole-punching, which develop and strengthen their fingers and hand muscles. This will help with trying shoelaces and getting dressed, as well as with pencil control and grip for their writing in later years.

Our weekly routine in Kickstart includes Music, Library, and Sport with the specialist teachers.

We are so blessed to have your child join us. We value parent input for the program and planning, because we know you know your child best. There is always open communication between the home and the school. We send photos throughout the day so that parents can be assured that their child is safe and having fun. The students always love to create things to take home to their parents.

Parents are invaluable to the Early Learning program, and we ask you to volunteer throughout the year as a Parent Helper. This includes helping with children’s activities, packing up, and joining in the fun. Children enjoy having family members visit them. It is an important part of the transition from home to school and gives you a chance to participate in their learning. Parents are also welcomed to contribute certain recycling and unwanted items to the Useful Box, such as shoeboxes, wool and string, and dress-up clothes.  

Early Learning Handbook