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Mr Paul Beacham | Celebrating 25 Years of Service

On Monday 24 July 2023, all staff across the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) gathered at Swan Christian College to equip themselves for Semester 2. During this special gathering, the Association took the opportunity to honour and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of staff members with 20 years service and above. Among these remarkable individuals, one stands out for his unwavering devotion to Southern Hills Christian College – Mr Paul Beacham (25 Years of Service).

Mr Paul Beacham has spent a large part of his life invested in the Armadale community. He was enrolled as a student at Emmaus Christian College (later Armadale Christian College) and moved to Swan Christian College to complete his high school education. In his final year of qualifying as a teacher (1997), armed with a passion for teaching, he commenced his professional career at Armadale Christian College with Limited Authority. Initially he taught in the Design and Technology fields of Metalwork, Woodwork, Automotive and Photography.  Over the years, his expertise expanded to include Computer Technology, Aquaculture and Building and Construction, complemented by his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  As a talented teacher at a small school, Mr Beacham took on diverse subjects, such as ATAR Media Production Analysis and Woodwork.

For Mr Beacham, teaching has always been more than just a focus on subject knowledge and skills. He has always been involved in activities that extend the teacher-student relationship. One of these activities is camps. What started as year group camps, to build the school ethos, evolved into missionary camps within Western Australia. This led to international service learning camps that extended to six other SCEA and non-SCEA schools.

Throughout his extended tenure at Armadale Christian College and later Southern Hills Christian College, Mr Beacham has fulfilled a number of management roles including VET Coordinator, Pastoral Care Coordinator and Deputy Principal.

Mr Beacham was appointed to the role of Principal of Southern Hills early in 2017, when the College enrolment had fallen to below 200 students.  His exceptional leadership qualities and ability to unite the staff and community has led to significant growth in enrolments, surpassing the 500-student mark for the first time. This momentous achievement prompted plans for six new classrooms at the Bedfordale site, which will be the first large-scale capital improvement since the Building Education Revolution (BER) funding of 2008.

Admidst the winds of change, Mr Beacham has remained a constant pillar of strength for the College, steadfastly supporting it through two name changes.  He is well-known for his work ethic, genuine care for students and staff, and unwavering commitment to Christian education earning him widespread admiration. His exceptional management of mission trips to the Philippines touched countless lives, leaving an imprint of compassion and empathy.

As we congratulate and celebrate Mr Paul Beacham’s remarkable journey, we are reminded that true leaders are those who inspire, empower and leave a lasting legacy. His dedication to education and SHCC has been nothing short of exemplary. We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to Mr Beacham for his continuity in shaping young minds and fostering a brighter future for generations to come.