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Year 3 Fire Saftey Incursion

On Wednesday 16 November, our Year 3 students had a special visit from the Armadale Fire Brigade to learn about fire safety in the home. The Fire Officers discussed with the class the importance of a Fire Emergency Plan. Our students had many interesting questions to ask the Fire Officers. The students then had an opportunity to see all the different parts of the fire truck, and even partook in a special spray from the water hose to end the incursion!


3 top fire safety tips which our Year 3 Students learnt:

  1. Keep toys and plastic objects away from heaters about 1 metre.
  2. Check smoke alarm batteries and replace them regularly
  3. If you hear smoke alarms or smell smoke ‘Get low and go, go, go…outside to the letterbox, then call 000.


Thank you to the fire officers from Armadale Fire Brigade for taking the time to educate our Year 3 class about fire safety.