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Year 12 Ball & Celebration Dinner

Last week Friday 14 October marked an incredibly special occasion. The 2022 Year 12 Ball and Celebration Dinner took place at Optus Stadium. This venue provided the perfect backdrop to celebrate 12 years of education, with family members, peers, and staff.

The Cygnet room was decorated to the theme of “Starry Night”, and everyone was pleasantly surprised as they walked through the doors to be greeted with mocktails and the giant super screen on the oval displaying our school logo and theme. The evening included delicious antipasto platters on the tables and a 5-star buffet dinner. Whilst our families were still present, students were called to the stage and honoured and encouraged by staff. They also received a letter which they wrote to themselves in Year 9 as part of the Rite Journey Program. The stunning setting allowed students to reflect on their journey over the past few years leading up to this momentous occasion. Mr Beacham’s address left everyone entertained and in deep thought about the successes of High School. Mia H, our Head Girl, did a wonderful job in reminiscing on key moments of everyone’s school life, humorous moments of staff and many fond memories from camps and excursions.

Once the dinner and formalities were completed, the Ball officially kicked off. Lights were dimmed, parents and family members were escorted to the doors and the DJ turned up the music – ready for some dance moves. Some staff were also keen to let their hair down as they proved to the Year 12’s, they still have some rhythm in their ‘old bodies’. The attendees also played a few enjoyable games on the dance floor – a highlight every year is the limbo dance. The ball came to completion with the announcement of the Belle and Beau of the ball just before 11pm.

Students’ behaviours were exemplary, and we are so proud of everyone for participating in this memorable evening, and the tremendous efforts which led to this celebration of their educational journeys. Thank you to all the staff who made the evening possible.