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SHCC Launches New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) Website.

The goal was to develop a more user-friendly website which is easy for users to navigate. An update to the appearance was also required to visually reflect the quality of education our College provides.

The new website was designed by Mrs Kirsten Page, Marketing & Design Specialist for SHCC, who spent significant time with website providers to ensure that the website meets our community and College needs.

“The research into websites for independent schools points to more than 75% of users accessing our website from a mobile device – so there was a need to ensure that site navigation is as intuitive as possible” said Mrs Page.

The new website features a navigation bar which is intuitive, and a footer with ‘quick links’ to easily find popular links such as ‘Parent Lounge’, ‘Calendar’, and ‘Student Cafe’.

Another great feature is the Calendar page, which now integrates with TASS (including Parent Lounge and Student Café), in order to update calendar events on the site instantly.

Looking back, the first website for SHCC was built in 2012 (ten years ago) and was very limited – there was no capacity for video content or parent and student interactions. Ten years on, technology allows all of that to happen, and Mr Beacham feels that the College is now seeking to offer even more options and opportunities to its students, with an additional announcement to be made in the coming weeks.

Our original website was created in 2012

“Yes, we have something special to announce – but we will wait for the correct protocols to be in place first. For now, we celebrate the hard work that has been done by Kirsten and the team. I really enjoy the visual imagery of our College, and the website outlines the educational experiences that students and families can access here at Southern Hills” said Mr Beacham.


It is marvelous to have a tool like this which showcases our beautiful College and better connects with our College community. We welcome you to have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.