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Rite Journey Camp

We always knew our Year 9 students were tough but now we have proof! Last week, we put them through their paces in Tambellup, near the Stirling Ranges. As part of our Rite Journey program, the students had to complete a number of challenges, which included sleeping on the floor of a shearing shed, pushing their physical limitations by summiting Bluff Knoll, learning how to shear, muster and dose sheep, interacting with young students at the local primary school, and completing an 18-hour solo experience in a tent. During the solo, students were asked to compose a letter to themselves detailing their hopes and goals for their future selves. This letter is now safely stored away and will be returned to the students on their Year 12 graduation night.

The camp was a significant time for the students to see that they are capable of far more than they realise. They did exceptionally well at giving everything a go and not backing down from experiences that may have been way out of their comfort zones. Every student got to the top of Bluff Knoll and every student got through the solo. We are so proud of them! Our hope is that their accomplishments on camp will give them greater confidence in themselves as they transition out of childhood and into adulthood.