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Year 12 Celebration Evening

Excitement was evident with the 2021 graduating class as they prepared for a big night out at Optus Stadium.  Celebration Evening is an opportunity for Year 12 students to reflect over their school years  and celebrate their achievements with parents and teachers while also considering all that is ahead of them.

Our Keynote Speaker for the evening was Dr Jill Wyatt. Dr Wyatt who attended schools in Busselton and Albany before training in medicine at UWA, gaining the highest mark in her practical course and practicing as a General Practitioner before undertaking missionary training at Sydney Mission Bible College. She now works in the country of Jordan as a field doctor, primarily with refugees and displaced people groups.  Dr Wyatt spoke about finding a purpose and a passion for our lives after leaving school. It was amazing to have someone who is such a gifted and intelligent spokesperson for Christianity present to inspire our graduating class about life and the potential for the years to come.

The traditional “Then and Now” photos, including hilarious predictions on what each student would achieve in the future, was a lot of fun for all. Head boy, Jordyn Heylen and Head girl, Claire Percy broke from the tradition of giving a speech, instead organising a class video presentation with highlights of their final year of schooling. Given the time and equipment constraints they presented a professional clip that resonated with all present.

Congratulations to all those who recieved subject awards on the night. A special mention goes to both Jordyn Heylen and Rebekah Tolossa who won 5 Academic awards respectively and James Wheeler and Claire Percy who each achieved a number of both Endeavor and Adacemic awards. 

Finally, thanks go to our amazing Year 12 teachers and Year 11/12 Coordinator Mr Morris Prinsloo who organised the evening. 

Thanks also to the fantastic team at Optus. The Black Swan Room made a great venue, and the food was fantastic….and yes, that’s our logo up on the big screen!