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Welcome to

Southern Hills Christian College

We are a Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 college. We have a heart for our students, and we are a place of academic excellence, inclusiveness and community. Located in the beautiful bush setting of Bungendore Reserve, our college provides a safe and adventurous learning environment for students to enjoy a rigorous and holistic education, taught through the lens of a Christian world view. 

From the Principal

Here, we are proud of our students as we see them grow from curious children, into mature and deep-thinking young people ready to take on the next part of their lives. In short, we want success for our students.


Student Attributes

Committed to Learning

Self-motivation looks like being thankful for learning opportunities, seeking to know more, learning how to learn, taking responsibility for one’s own learning, and being committed to self-improvement. Students enjoy and seek out challenges and believe they will learn and improve with effort.

Embrace challenges

Students display perseverance by embracing challenges and opportunities, approaching uncertainty with courage, seeing effort as the path to mastery, falling forward, and welcoming, giving, and responding positively to feedback.

In Christ

Identity in Christ means knowing we are made in His image, being open to learning more about Jesus’ love for us, aspiring to know more about ourselves, that we belong and are called to do good work in His name.

Servant hearted

The Southern Hills community is relational by knowing we are servants to one another, being a group of peace makers, choosing to respect others, demonstrating humility and grace, and showing fairness and consideration towards others.

Do what is right

At Southern Hills, integrity looks like doing what is right even if it costs, seeking to do good, being honest, being an advocate for God’s justice and equality, and developing discernment.

Empowered to inquire

Southern Hills students are thinkers who seek to inquire, identify the problems that are worth solving, are solution focused, plan and carry out research, and play with possibilities.

Quick Facts

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Our enrolment process

We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child at Southern Hills Christian College and understand that deciding where to send your child for their education can be a daunting task and decision. We invite you to commence the enrolment process by utilising Learn More link below.

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