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We ensure our teaching is relevant to life after school; that it’s helpful for what students are going to encounter in the future, and that they know how to use and apply what they have learnt.

Teaching at Southern Hills begins with the Western Australian curriculum, takes the contents and skills demanded, and applies them to life and to religion.”

Dr Andre Van Rensburg, Dean of Secondary Curriculum

We teach all content through a Christian lens, in a way that is practical and beneficial to growing students into people with strong values and integrity. When we teach students in Year 11 and 12 how to apply for a job, we teach them to be honest about their abilities. When we look at a text in English class, we discuss what values that can be seen and how they apply to what we believe as Christians. In history, when looking at the unrest in the Middle East for example, we discuss why there is such turmoil; asking why can’t three major religions live in peace? What are the differences and what are the intolerances? Similarly, Outdoor Education is not just high ropes, but it’s an opportunity to learn how we care for our environment and consider how can we be good stewards of the Earth.

We have several set steps in our teaching process.

  1. Chunking the content is when chunks of information and skills are created so that we can teach these content units over a period of time.
  2. Teaching procedures is when we teach the students how to do something by demonstrating a procedure and asking them to repeat it themselves.
  3. Questioning the process is when we ask, “why is this procedure used?” Learning is not only about knowing what’s been taught, students must learn to question why it’s done that way. This gives them a deeper understanding of what they’ve been taught.
  4. Application and practice occur when students apply their skills to new concepts and practise their skills so they can apply them more and more effectively as they go on.
Deliberate inclusion of SPIRIT

We strive to embed Christian Values into everything we do. It is our aim to turn values into virtues, encouraging all members of the school community to be Christlike in the way they interact with others. Our college, community, parents, students, staff and others have articulated what values we want young people to develop through an education at Southern Hills Christian College. These values are referred to as SPIRIT

SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours.jpg SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours2.jpg SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours3.jpg SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours4.jpg SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours5.jpg SPIRIT/Spirit-Canvases-in-Colours6.jpg