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Principal's Message

The first thing you will notice when you come to Southern Hills is the physical environment that surrounds our school.  It is the quintessential Australian surroundings - magpies chirping, kangaroos over by the top fence and a canopy of eucalyptus trees.

It truly is an organic, natural environment for our students.  The second thing that you will notice is our staff.  Pastoral care is at the top of our list, and every student should feel comfortable and safe within our school as they pursue academic success.


Education is readying students for the next stage of their lives. 


This statement reads so simply, but what it embodies is everything within the mental, physical, social and spiritual dimensions that children in our care encounter during their time at our College.

Your child’s schooling begins at age 3 and they graduate from our College at age 18. 

Students grow up in front of us, and it is our duty to assist them to grow properly and nurture them for the life ahead of them.

At Southern Hills you will find staff that listen, students that want to contribute to the community around them and teachers that want to shape and promote students of character and integrity.

As a school that was built by parents on the foundations of Christian education, we believe in the power of a saving grace and the Biblical virtue of salvation.  A Christian education should be excellent, and our staff work hard to achieve this every single day.

As a staff member here for nineteen years, I have seen students who have graduated from this College who are now leading fulfilling lives. 

My hope is for every student to be encouraged in their learning, confident in their outlook and equipped with the skills to handle what the world throws at them.

The requirements for today’s young people are the same as they were twenty years ago: be resourceful, creative, polite, articulate and learn from others as well as from ourselves. 

There are also new challenges, which are unique for our students: be entrepreneurial innovators in a fast-paced world which requires a strong intellect and problem solving capacities.  

A Southern Hills education will produce a student who is robust, caring and resourceful. 

My hope is that you will allow us to partner with you through your child’s journey.  

Paul Beacham - College Principal