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Pastoral Care

Genuine care for the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our students lies at the heart of why we exist.

Pastoral Care at Southern Hills follows a four-pillar underlying philosophy:

Belonging - for all students and staff

Mastery - emotional and physical

Interdependence - using skills to support others

Generosity - always giving back


Every teacher, educator and staff member lives and breathes pastoral care and is heartily committed to nurturing well rounded Christian human beings.


The chaplain is deeply engaged in the concerns and needs of school community and provides the following:

 1)    Counselling and therapeutic support

One-on-one confidential professional, bible-centered, counselling for students and parents in areas such as academic support, relationship issues, parenting, anxiety and depression, providing clear clinical interventions when needed.

 2)    Christian living classes

Our open enrolment policy results in diversity, which brings interest and excitement. The school caters for a broad range of beliefs and Christian Living classes, students are encouraged to think about different expressions in their spirituality to gain a good understanding of who God is for them. Students are challenged to think critically about there being more to life than what they see right now.

You will also see our chaplain supporting teachers in the delivery of wonderful programs such as the Rite Journey as well as running around the oval during team sports.



Student Leadership

Leadership skills are a vital in today’s world. We want our students to have the confidence to hold their own, speak and think critically, and have the skills to create influence in any situation to great success. 

Our Leadership program is for 20 students from Year 6 to Year 12 and awakens leadership potential as well as character development.

Much is expected from our school leaders. In addition to a weekly two-hour leadership development training, with a focus on community service, the school leaders are responsible for running or supporting internal and external school events. 

Going forward the leaders will develop a leadership newspaper for the school community as well as taking part in a debate night.


House Structure

When students join the school, they join the established house structure.

The three houses: Benjamin, Levi and Judah are named after famous tribes of the Old Testament. Each house has its own logo and values, and students take great pride in belonging to their house.

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