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21st Century Skills

The role of a good school is to prepare students for their future careers. Whilst many of tomorrow’s careers don’t yet exist, we know that in the future, success is no longer based on knowledge itself but on how to acquire and apply information.

To use knowledge effectively, our learners are taught creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. The ability to reflect, adapt and be versatile are also essential competencies for success in the future as students learn, unlearn and relearn.

Other vital life skills we seek to impart include:

  • Discipline (to turn up, do not quit, strong work ethic, service)
  • Loving learning
  • Learning from our failures or mistakes 
  • God, family, work – having priorities for success in all aspects in our lives
  • Living an ethical and values-driven life style 
  • Being in the world (secular, humanist) but not conformed by it (through the Bible, devotions & Christian faith ) 
  • Humour - having a good laugh and laugh often. 
  • Self-care, self-compassion and self-nurture. 

Our College helps to future proof your children in an uncertain and continually changing world.