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Primary School

Our students enjoy an evidence-based primary school approach to education throughout Years 1 to 6, with a regular classroom teacher and the same classroom for the majority of their learning. 

Aspects of the curriculum are linked and merged and the teaching and learning strategy in place, The Learning Journey,  is delivered through a balance of explicit instruction and enquiry based learning.

The primary school teaching program is complemented by a number of courses conducted by visiting specialist teachers. Currently these include Music, Chinese Language, Physical Education and Library skills.


The lower primary years are about setting a solid grounding in positive work habits and behaviour standard as well as helping children establish positive friendships, teaching them how to work and play effectively with others while developing their own resilience and perseverance skills.


In the upper primary school learning phase, students’ growing independence and peer-group orientation will be built upon by providing opportunities for them to participate in important forms of decision making within the classroom and school, and to work with others. Students will assume increased responsibilities, develop decision-making skills, explore values and further refine their social and collaborative work skills. Our leadership development program also starts from Year 6.

Our students will emerge from primary school confident and equipped to embrace the opportunities, challenges and choices that their time at the Secondary campus will bring.