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Outdoor Education

In a world where people are increasingly driven indoors, as part of our Christian faith, we purposefully challenge students in the natural world that God created. Our Outdoor Education program is seen as an integral part of school life at Southern Hills Christian College, from Pre-Kindergarten right through to Year 12.

Our College is blessed to be set within Bungendore park, which lends itself to regular practical engagement within a unique biodiversity hotspot in the Perth Hills, only 30km from the CBD. Our location allows easy access to the Munda Biddi Trail, the Bibbulmun Track and Wungong Dam, which leads to experience-based learning. Both the practical and theoretical application of the curriculum are part of everything we do at Southern Hills Christian College.

The College has the best campus-based outdoor education facilities in Western Australia, including high ropes, flying fox, giant swing and a 30m abseiling tower. It is no surprise that our performance in Outdoor Education far exceeds the state average. More importantly, through Outdoor Education we equip our students with essential life skills.

Outdoor Education lends itself to personal and leadership development, communication, risk assessment, teamwork, self-sufficiency and resilience. We take our students out of their comfort zone in a safe and controlled manner and encourage them to go beyond what they believe is achievable. Our program is underpinned by our Christian faith and our students participate in all activities with maximum awareness of God's world and our responsibility to have minimal impact on the environment.

Outdoor Education is part of the curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 7. From Year 8 to Year 12, it is a popular elective following a skills development program, focusing on a new outdoor pursuit each term. These pursuits include but are not limited to hiking, mountain biking, roping, canoeing and multi-day expedition style camping. Within each year group, the Southern Hills Spirit is embedded throughout the challenges the students experience, both in their personal and community development. 

The Outdoor Education Camps are facilitated by Southern Hills staff who hold nationally recognised qualifications, are highly experienced and have expert knowledge of their local environment. This allows us to put the students needs at the forefront of all of our camps, as our staff have a deep understanding of their personalities and capabilities. Our camps are progressively designed to apply learnt skills that increase students independence.

Year 3 – Evening activity at school with a fire pit, night walk and nature play

Year 4 – Activity at school with a fire pit and night walk, followed by a sleepover in the classroom

Year 5 – Evening activity at school, sleeping in tents on the lawn

Year 6 – Leadership camp, sleeping in tents on the school lawn

Year 7 – Father/son, mother/daughter adventure camp with activity challenges, a guest speaker and a bonfire

Year 8 – One-night on Bibbulmun track, hiking from Sullivans Rock to Monadnocks

Year 9 – Two-night hiking and canoeing camp in Dwellingup

Year 10 – Three-night mountain biking camp on the Munda Biddi Trail

Year 11 – Three-night water sports camp in Dwellingup

Year 12 – Cape-to-Cape hike