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We advance our students’ learning through two methods: Intervention and Extension.


After school intervention is individual assistance through one-on-one and small group tutoring on Monday and Thursday afternoons for an hour. Any high school student with a question in any area can come and receive assistance from a teacher. Even if they just need help with their homework.

For in school intervention we have a Learning Support Coordinator, Mrs Scrivener, who selects students out of class in the first couple terms and works directly with them to develop their competence to the level of the rest of the class.

Every student should receive all the help needed in order to achieve their highest potential, so that they can shine a light in the world through their values of hard work and integrity. Staff at Southern Hills take this calling very seriously.”

– Dr Andre Van Rensburg, Dean of Secondary Curriculum


In class extension occurs if a student finishes the class content way in advance. They can go to other stations and do further work that extends their knowledge of the contents being taught at that stage. This in class extension builds on what the curriculum demands to progress the student further.

Out of class extension occurs when teachers take 4-5 students from a class at a time and give them work above and beyond the curriculum demands. This is not only for individual progress, but also to provide an opportunity for a group of students to brainstorm, come up with new ideas, and develop their thoughts on a topic. This is specifically designed to push students beyond their comfort levels in preparation for ATAR.