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We thank God for the opportunity to be able to conduct the first sports carnival of the year during rising caseloads of COVID infection. We were graced with fine weather which was perfect for water-based activities.

Throughout the day, we had over 150 students attended the 2022 secondary school swimming carnival with excitement and enthusiasm. The secondary school was separated into three segments, part of the strategy to reduce the chances of transmission. Our swimmers rose to the occasion and managed to swim with very little time to rest between races. Each group completed all swimming races within 2 hours and returned to school resuming classroom lessons as planned. The year 12s had lots of fun swimming in their costume and inflatables, enjoying their very last school swimming carnival.

Thanks to all staff who were helping throughout the carnival and staff conducting classroom lessons back at school. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all parents who have supported and attended this event.

Last week, we presented the swimming medals during an online assembly hosted by Mr. Prinsloo and the year 12 leaders.

Medal winners of 2022 Southern Hills Christian College secondary school swimming carnival:

Year 7                                          Girls                                               Boys
Champion                                  Keira Davies                               Nikita Semenikhin
Runner-Up                                 Sophia Mcdonald                     Ryan Campbell
Third Place                                Sienna Macquire                       Austin Hart

Year 8                      
Champion                                 Annabelle Snader                    Oliver Neesham
Runner-Up                                Shaylah Protzman                    Ryder Galant
Third Place                                Bridgette Campbell                Cayden Niese

Year 9
Champion                                 Hannah Harris                          Lochee Neesham
Runner-Up                                Kiralie Stephenson                  Brayden King
Third Place                                Lee-Ann Wilde                          Jack Wind

Year 10
Champion                                 Paige Dysart                             Alexander Chabant
Runner-Up                                Matilda Stratton                     Riley Bjisterbosch
Third Place                                N/A                                              Clarke Hughes

Year 11
Champion                                 Nova Lyckholm                        Foster McGougan
Runner-Up                                Isabella Ryan                           Mattias Willett
                                                     and Tjurri Moore
Third Place                                N/A                                                Aaron Parris

 Congratulations to the above students as well as all who took part. 

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