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Year Two Students Visit the Bell Tower and Perth Mint

Found in: School News

On Monday 24 October 2016 the year two class visited the Bell Tower and Perth Mint.  

The Bell Tower was very educational as students learnt about the history of the bells. The largest bell that the bell tower currently has is called Zacharius. Perth City was blessed to hear the bells as students had a turn at ringing them.

The class then travelled to the Perth Mint where they learnt about the impact that gold has had on Western Australia.  Eyes were wide as students saw Australia's largest coin on display. Other highlights of the Perth Mint were watching gold being poured into a mould to create a gold bar and each student weighing themselves to see how much weight they were worth in gold. Mrs Patterson's weight was worth 4.4 million dollars!
The day ended with students enjoying their lunch and playing in the Synergy playground at King's Park.
Perth Mint
The Perth Mint
Bell Tower
Perth Bell Tower