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Year Three Class Recycles Pallets and Creates New Life

Found in: School News

Ms Wallis’ Year 3 Class have created something special – planter boxes for new flora life from old pallets!

The culmination of the project was brightly-painted, carefully selected plants that remind us of the natural world that we enjoy here in Bedfordale.

Ms Wallis is very proud of the result:

“The year 3's worked in small groups to research different elements of this project,” she said yesterday.

"Then we banded together to weatherproof, paint, secure and plant the pallets.”

The Year 3 class enjoyed the task and put into practice many of the theoretical questions posed by natural science.

“We had many discussions about the different variables of creating these planters.”

Questions that were discussed were wide-ranging.

  • How will we make them safe?
  • What plants will be eaten by predators?
  • What colour should we paint them?
  • Where should we put them, how can we keep predators away etc.

The students then researched the following:

  • What plants do kangaroos NOT like to eat (as this is our main “predator” at school)?
  • What colours will scare predators away? Specifically, kangaroos!
  • How can we protect the plants?

 Finally, the students came up with the following answers and then used this information to create the planters:

 Kangaroos don't like succulents, so we have planted a range of easy-care succulents in the planters.

  • Kangaroos don't like bright colours as it symbolises danger, so we have painted the pallets with bright colours to suit the environment and scare kangaroos away.
  • Along with bear traps, animal repellents and killing, students came up with the idea to cover the planters with a barrier to prevent plants being eaten/pallets being destroyed.

So next time you see these brightly coloured planter boxes, take a minute to think of how much brainpower and garden work has been done by Ms Wallis and her amazing Year 3 Class!