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Year Eleven's Get into Town for Surveys

Found in: School News

Students in the Year 11 General English class have been studying different visual conventions and the impact that they have on viewers. One way of actively applying this knowledge is to consider how film posters work. 

The survey and report writing task allows the class to combine this knowledge with curriculum expectations such as communicating with different audiences and synthesising information from multiple sources.

On Tuesday, the 16th of May, the students visited Armadale Central Shopping Centre and conducted surveys with members of the public to gauge their interest in different elements of film posters. The questions were prepared by the class and linked with individual hypotheses. Students were well-mannered and good-humoured in the way they approached members of the public. An increase of confidence over the excursion time was palpable.

'There is a definite sense of pride I feel when I see the students of this school present themselves in the community as the polite, thoughtful and friendly young people that they truly are'. 

I'd like to offer a big 'thank you' to the parents who are doing the hard yards in raising these wonderful young adults.

Rachael Sterne