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Year Eleven Dwellingup Camp

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On Monday 22 August the year eleven Outdoor Education students travelled to Dwellingup for their major practical assessment. We knew that the week was going to be packed full of activities and fun, but what we did not really anticipate was the cold snap that came!

We arrived on Monday and got straight into setting up and organising the base camp. Students changed into their wet gear and headed for Island Pool. There we met Mr Peter White from Dwellingup Adventures who instructed us in swift water rescue techniques. Students had the opportunity to swim through rapids and rescue one another with throw bags. Some were great at throwing the rope, but others had to make sure there were no one near them (even standing behind them). That night we finished off by huddling around the campfire as temp plummeted to 0.1°C.

On Tuesday we rafted along the Middle Murray River. This involved packing the 4x4’s and accessing the River from a support route. This allowed the group to have a couple of runs on all the rapids. The conditions were perfect! Sunny skies with great water levels. Fortunately everyone had wetsuits on, because the water was VERY cold!!! After the cold and wet, we once again huddled around the campfire and everyone was reluctant to crawl into their tents, as the temperature dropped to -2°C.

On Wednesday we  canoed on the Uppper Murray River, from Yarrigil to Bayden Powell. We saw many canoes capsize, as the guys try to navigate their canoes around, through and sometimes onto rocks and trees. Mr Pleysier and Mr Prinsloo had a great laugh as a couple of boys celebrated that they got through the rapid, but the celebration came too early and they eventually capsized.

On the final day we packed up the tents and gazebos and loaded the trailer. The teachers saw the opportunity to teach the guys some more rescue techniques. This time it was on dry land. A rescue scenario was set up on the banks of the Murray and everyone had to work together to rescue Danni. After which we returned to school and the scheduled clean up and gear maintenance was completed well in time.


Dwellingup Camp

Dwellingup Camp