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Year 11 Curtin Ahead programme

Found in: School News

Year 11 students participated in the Curtin AHEAD (Addressing Higher Educational Access Disadvantage) Program last week. This is a community-based project for high school students in years 7 to 12, coordinated by Curtin University which aims to develop a greater awareness of university within the school community, to encourage and motivate students to consider continuing their education at university and to help students develop academic, personal and social skills.

This is what they had to report about their day:

On Wednesday, 11th March, the Year 11 students attended the Curtin Ahead excursion at Curtin University.  We were greeted by our campus guide and as we walked to our first workshop, we were able to look around the campus and see what university life was like.

For our first session, one group sat in a lecture from the Business department of Curtin. The lecturer showed us that thereStudentNews/Curtin-Ahead.jpg are different aspects of Business including creative and logical streams, and how they could guide us towards future careers in Business. We then had a challenge that we needed to complete. It was a proposal involving a school that had accidently bought 50,000 rolls of toilet paper and they needed to figure out a way for the surplus to be of use to the community. We got separated into two groups and we were meant to come up with a marketing plan and idea pitch.

The second group sat in a lecture presentation from the Humanities department.

StudentNews/Curtin-Ahead-activity.jpgThe main idea presented was regarding cultural perspectives in Literature with a focus on ‘Fear and Terror’. We began by writing notes on our own perspective and our own thoughts about where the mindsets derived. He further led on to talk about the way in which an ‘Act of Terror’ affected a society and community rather than that of a specific individual, which broadened our mindset. In more detail we discovered the way in which it reflects on people's responsibilities. After completing the lecture, we joined back with the rest of the Year 11s and prepared for another lecture.


As a whole group, we attended a Psychology lecture. To begin, the lecturer stated that many people assume Psychologists can read people’s minds, rather, they learn to read people’s body language and patterns of behaviour. It is a study of how we think, feel and act. After this he showed us a couple of pictures that contained two images inside the one picture, we saw different objects at a given time (a vase in-between the side profiles of two faces) and it took some of us a few attempts to be able to see both images. The lecturer then asked a volunteer (Jordyn Heylen) to read a tongue twister text based on colours and words. We played a couple of games that changed the way that we perceived things. This included eating jellybeans and holding our noses; this changed our perception of taste, by blocking one of our senses.

Lunchtime at Curtin was a highlight as we were given $15 gift cards to spend at the various vendors. It was a fun experience to see the social hub of the University and to get a glimpse of the many clubs and events that make up university life.

After lunch we attended a lecture where they explained to us the many ways to get into University and the ATAR scores that were needed to get into the courses we wished to. They then gave us iPads to research and fill in the booklets with guiding questions about our future aspirations.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day in which we received useful information whilst having the opportunity to engage in fun activities. Our eyes were opened to University life and the many and varied options that are available to us after high school.