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Top Tips for Dads

Found in: School News

The Fathering Project has provided some tips in the hope they will help, inspire and encourage all fathers and father-figures to be the best that they can be, as all fathers and father-figures are critically important in every child’s life. 

More involved fathers and father-figures = better outcomes for children.

Making time after school. 

• Pick them up from school when possible.
• Take them out occasionally for after-school ice creams, swims, bowling or other fun times.
• Have dinner with the children, if possible, at least 4 nights of the week.
• Turn the TV off during dinner and listen to them.
• Encourage plenty of humour at home.
• Don’t miss special evening events, e.g. music, sport, club nights.
• When that is impossible, communicate this to your kids early and ask how it went.
• Coach, manage or assist with their sports teams (not just the sport you like).
• Don’t answer your phone or check emails and messages during mealtimes.