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Top Tips For Dad #12

Found in: School News

The Fathering Project has provided some tips in the hope they will help, inspire and encourage all fathers and father-figures to be the best that they can be, as all fathers and father-figures are critically important in every child’s life. 

More involved fathers and father-figures = better outcomes for children.

Promoting a positive attitude to your child's school

  • Show respect for your child's teachers by words and actions, e.g. actively introducing yourself to them, thanking them for teaching your children - even if you think they aren't the best teacher in the world.
  • Create or join a school fathering group
  • Avoid blaming teachers, or the school, if your child is struggling with work or friendships
  • Support school activities such as parent evenings, busy bees, fundraising events
  • Tell your children that you believe education is important and continually model this by staying in touch with their progress and discussing their reports with them in an affirming way
  • Read with your child from an early age

 These tips can be found in the attachment below if you wish a copy.