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Top Tips for Dad #11

Found in: School News

The Fathering Project has provided some tips in the hope they will help, inspire and encourage all fathers and father-figures to be the best that they can be, as all fathers and father-figures are critically important in every child’s life. 

More involved fathers and father-figures = better outcomes for children.

Ideas for weekends and holidays

  • Attend the kids sports and other interests (even if you don’t find some of it entertaining).
  • Cook a special meal once a week/month, e.g. a pancake breakfast.
  • Create annual family traditions, go to a special place, have a special family get together.
  • Take all your allocated vacation time.
  • Create ‘magical mystery tours’ - take them on surprise trips in cars or public transport, making fun games along the way, e.g. counting motorbikes—finish with a treat.
  • Create and plan adventurous vacations in consultation with your children e.g. camping, exploring, going to new places each time.
  • You can even create fun memories in your living room—with a make shift tent!