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The Robots Are Alive For Year Ten Students

Found in: School News

Our year ten Digital Technology students have begun the process of learning programming and coding through the use of ‘Edison’ robotics – an autonomous device that allows students to program a sequence of events through a coding program.

The students began by learning the coding language used by Edison, They then inputted the barcode programs required for complex sequences through ‘sensory perception’ such as maze navigation and driving.

Student Ngataaria was excited by the robot responding to commands, such as clapping, programmed movements and light perception.

      “I didn’t think it would actually work!  It is fun to program something and then it knows where to go.”

Some of the students devised a tricky maze for their Edison robot. Tyshan was impressed with what the robot could remember and execute on demand.

      “It’s only small but it’s quite smart how it works.  It shows what even a small computer is capable of.”

Tammie is enjoying the freedom that robotics programming brings to her academic week.

      “I wish this class was longer. I like the programming but the time went so quick today!”

The year ten students are now moving on to programming their Edisons through their computers to perform more complex tasks.


Crazy Maze:  Students watch the progress of their ‘Edison’ robot through a maze of library books.