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Swimming Update

Found in: School News

We now have two options for swimming lessons for year one to six students.

The Armadale Aquatic Centre have been able to provide swimming lessons in week seven and eight of term one.  This will be confirmed next week.

The Maida Vale Swim Centre are also available on Friday afternoons throughout this term.

Armadale Aquatic Centre

Using the Armadale Aquatic Centre is that it does not affect parent transport as the lessons happen during the school day.  However, lessons during the day mean there is an impact on student learning throughout the two weeks.  Lessons are between 45 and 50 minutes long.  Week seven and eight is toward the end of March the pool temperature may be a little cooler.

The Maida Vale Pool 

This option means swimming lessons could be optional.  Students wishing to be involved in swimming lessons would be transported by Bus to the pool at 3.15pm on Fridays over a 6 week period.  Students would commence swimming at about 4:00 pm and finish by 5.15 pm with the possibility of finishing with a sausage sizzle.

The advantage of this option means there is no impact on student learning and students are in the pool for longer sessions.  However parents would be required to pick students up by 5:30 pm from the pool and the centre is located approximately 30 minutes from Armadale.  The staff and parents involved with this option would not be Austswim trained and therefore would not be able to formally grade students.

Swim Squad

If successful, the Maida Vale Pool option could also provide an opportunity to form a school swim squad that could then run during terms two to four.

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The college office will advise parents of the confirmation next week.  Thank you for your patience as we have worked to find a solution.