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Successful Social at Southern Hills

Found in: School News

This term saw one of our largest High School Social events ever, with 82 students attending.  Year 6s were invited along to help them become comfortable interacting with the older students from secondary and they fitted right in.

While the evening was cold, it remained fine. Students were broken up into four groups and each group rotated through four activities: Nerf Wars, Floor Ball, Glow Sports and Lego Building.

By the end of round three, appetites were ready for roast meat rolls (Chicken, Beef & Pork) with gravy, a drink and icecream. Towards the end of the evening half the students cooked marshmallows around a campfire while others played Capture the Flag.

Everyone ended the night with hot milo around the campfire and agreed they had a fantastic time. Planning is already under way for next terms event.

Many thanks to our student leaders and teaching staff who organised the event and help run the activities on the night.

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