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Found in: School News

You may have noticed the new student diaries have arrived and the students are dutifully filling out their homework requirements in each subject!

This diary will act as a multifunctional tool which will allow better communication between student, family and school.

Students will be required to bring it to school everyday and have it on their desk throughout each lesson.

What can a Southern Hills diary be used for?

  • Recording the week’s timetable for quick and easy reference
  • Recording homework and assessment tasks including deadlines
  • Making notes and reminders about upcoming events or things to bring to school
  • Record comments either positive or negative regarding behavior and attitude in individual lessons, when required
  • Comment on punctuation or presentation during individual lessons, when required
  • Sign to give permission for a student to leave the class for any reason
  • By the PC teacher to review the week and discuss positive or negative behaviors with the student
  • By the parent to communicate with PC teacher or other teachers

At the end of each week, we ask that the diary is reviewed by the parent and signed in the appropriate place. This will also be reviewed every Monday so that PC teachers can also sign and comment.

Have a look tonight and see how much homework your son or daughter has received!