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Story Dogs – Why is it coming to Southern Hills?

Found in: School News

The concept of one of our students reading out loud to a trained dog to improve reading ability may seem a bit strange!

However, the research globally supports this – and has done for some time.   The Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D) program was first launched back in 1999 in the United States and the improvements in students reading levels show dramatic improvements based on :

  • Students having little or no inhibition reading to animals as opposed to humans
  • All of the things that we as humans may impose upon young students who are in the early stages of reading (judgement, pressure, impatience, etc.) do not exist with story dogs

As such, we will be asking parents from Southern Hills to nominate their child for this trial period of Story Dogs in Term 4, 2018. 

By 2019 it will be undertaken across the primary school if successful.

The Story Dog methodology has most success with the Year 2 age bracket but can be utilized across the Primary ages.

If you are keen to be a part of this initiative, please email to register your child’s consent.