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Southern Hills performers at SCEA Vision

Found in: School News

On Tuesday night, the annual ‘SCEA Vision’ performances were held at Swan Christian College’s Maalia Mia theatre.  The pre-requisite for being a recitalist in SCEA Vision is for students of any SCEA school to perform their act in a foreign language. 

The diversity of languages across SCEA shows that we are a composite of global cultures with so much talent across the student group.  There were 27 different performances in a multitude of languages.

 Southern Hills students Lilly, Meagan, Rachel and Anna performed really well in front of a house. Rachel was the runner up in her age bracket and got to bring a trophy home.

Each one of our students represented our school in a fantastic way.

You may be able to recognise Lilly (Polish) and Anna (Russian) in their native costumes.  A costume always makes the performance come to life. 

A big thankyou to our languages expert Mikhael Sandlund for making this all happen across the SCEA schools.  In 2017, Southern Hills only had one performer.  This year there were many more! Well done to Mr Sandlund for enthusing the students and encouraging them to travel such a distance to perform.

Please thank these students for their hard work and for representing our school when you see them today!