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Southern Hills Athletics Winners!

Found in: School News

The Secondary students had a great day yesterday at their Athletics Carnival and the winners were announced at Assembly this morning. 

The day was marked by excellent attendance, blue skies and some new school records.  The students demonstrated great camaraderie in their pursuit of gold and silver medals.

The results of the House competition was announced this morning: 

Levi        - 1910

Judah    - 1842

Benjamin - 1042





Y7 Girls

Mia R. 120

Eloise F. 87

Abigail N. 45

Y7 Boys

David G. 66

Jordan W. 59

Heath G. 54

Y8 Girls

Skye M. 91

Kahli B. 69

Mia H. 52

Y8 Boys

Corey W. 120

Isaiah T. 71

Jett H. 56

Y9 Girls

Chandlah M. 98

Dominique C. 67

Holly B. 65

Y9 Boys

Jordyn H. 105

Daniel P. 72

Ben W. 64

Y10 Girls

Anna F. 105

Bec M. 69

Keisha M. 63

Y10 Boys

Jono W. and Travis W. 87


Seth T. 55

Y11 Girls

Ngataaria T. and Monique R. 84


Hannah H. 69

Y11 Boys

Lachlan H. 105

Tyler H. 102

Osborne W. 78

Open Girls

Shona C. 102

Talia A. 96

Emily E. 64

Open Boys

Joel B. 84

Keegan N. 79

Chad M. 62