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Seeds for Schools Gardening Project

Found in: School News

Our pre-primary, year one and year two students are participating in the "Seeds for Schools' program. The aim of the program is to promote sustainability, farm to plate and healty eating. 

Each class participated in the preparation of the planters which included clearing the exisiting "creeper" plants, emptying the planters of their dirt and moving each planter to the new location. The planters were then re-filled with dirt ready for the seeds to be planted. 

The pre-primary class were definitely the best "workers" as the year ones and twos spent a lot of their time finding and relocating bugs and worms so they didn't die! It was so lovely working with each group and encouraging them in their efforts, whether it was to keep digging or to find better places to relocate the wildlife that they found.
The garden area will be used by other year groups throughout the year whilst we are waiting for the potatoes to grow which takes about twelve to fifteen weeks!  
Seeds for School 
Seeds Program