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SCEA Vision 2016

Found in: School News

At Southern Hills Christian College we celebrate the cultural backgrounds of our school community and wish to build inter-cultural understanding and foreign language skills in all students.

Students are invited to audition for an inter-SCEA foreign languages performance contest called SCEAvision.

To take part in the auditions, students will need to select and learn a song, poem or a dramatic piece in a foreign language.

The best performances from Southern HIlls Christian College will be selected to represent us at the competition to be held on Tuesday evening 23 August 2016 at the Swan Christian College Maali Mia Performing Arts Centre.

Performance Guidelines

  • The performance can be in any recognized language other than English. This language can be the students’ background language, the language they are studying at school or any other language they wish to learn.
  • Students can compete individually, in pairs or in small groups. Please note that students will need to practice in their own time as this is not part of a school program. If students perform as part of a group any prize or trophy won will be shared.
  • A good way to learn a song in a foreign language is to go on YouTube. Students can do a search of their favourite song in their preferred language, for instance ‘Do re mi in Italian with lyrics’. A slow, short and familiar song in a language that uses the same letters as English is the easiest to learn.
  • To audition, contestants are asked to provide a YouTube link for the song they would like to perform. The students are welcome to sing over the original singer, the clip does not have to be an instrumental version. Alternatively contestants can use a backing track on a USB or CD, or be accompanied with an instrument.
  • In case of a poem or a dramatic performance/reading, contestants are required to provide an English translation, which will be projected on the screen during the performance.
  • The performances should not be longer than four minutes in length.
  • As a Christian community, we ask that parents select an appropriate performance piece that adheres to our values and beliefs.


Registered students will be invited to an audition in the third week of term three. The auditions will be held during school hours. Depending on the number of quality auditions, semi-finals may be held at the school. The parents of our finalists will be notified.

Please feel free to contact Mikael Sandlund for any further information on