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Rite Journey

Found in: School News

As a part of the Year 9 Rite Journey programme, students headed for Tambellup in early November for their Rite Journey Camp. They took part in farming activities, spent time running activities at the local primary school, hiked Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges and spent some time reflecting on their journey this year. They also took time out to reflect on their future hopes and aspirations.

Our teenagers are bombarded with a range of conflicting messages from the media, social-networks and peers, about what it means to be an adult and how to find their place in the world. Young people yearn to prove that they are ready to be adults and find themselves creating their own initiations into adulthood. This period of transition from childhood to adulthood can be characterised by a sense of ‘lost-ness’ or lack of purpose.

The Rite Journey program partners with families in helping our students navigate these complexities as they journey to becoming the adults God has created them to be. Through class activities, discussions, challenges, a mentoring program, and the Year 9 camp, we seek to equip and empower students to be confident, purpose-driven and faith-filled young men and women.

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