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Rain Forest Detectives & a Bush Party

Found in: School News

"Not even the weather forecast could keep us away! We put on our raincoats and braved the weather. On Tuesday the 11th August the Year One and Two classes visited Perth Zoo. A majority of the animals were out and about and we saw a good variety from the African Savannah, Australian Bushwalk and Asian Rainforest.

The Year One class participated in a session, Bush Party. After hearing an original story, the students explored the Australian Bushwalk wearing colourful native animal costumes. Students reported back on how our native species meet their basic needs for survival and they identified actions they can take to help conserve our bushland habitats. We also got a close look at Ginger, the bobtail lizard.

The Year Two Class participated in the session, Rainforest Detectives. Students went on an adventure through the African Rainforest to investigate the basic needs of animals. They learnt what carnivores, omnivores, insectavores and herbivores eat and collected information to help the zoo keeper work out which animal needed which lunch box. We also got to touch a bobtail lizard.

We were blessed with lovely weather and only a few light showers. A big thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who joined us for the day."

Mrs N Patterson and Mrs Jo Horne