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Quest for Knowledge

Found in: School News

Southern Hills Christian College is excited to be trialling a new enrichment and extension program called QUEST.  This program will give year one to six students, who demonstrate higher academic potential, the opportunity to work with intellectual peers in a non-threatening environment that encourages high ability. Students gain a better understanding of their own abilities whilst gaining enhanced self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

QUEST aims to:

  • encourage the achievement of personal excellence in students;
  • provide opportunities for students, with special abilities, to achieve their potential;
  • nurture students’ enthusiasm for learning; and
  • give them a chance to question, understand, explore, search, think (QUEST) on a different level.

This term, we are diving deeper into literature. Students study texts in more depth or from a different perspective with a focus on engaging in critical and creative thinking skills.

“When we are in QUEST we are learning about metacognition. We are using our brains more and thinking deeper.” Keira (Y5)

“QUEST is something that evolves us into stronger learning people. It has helped me to ask more questions than I normally do.” Sam (Y5)

“I like QUEST because we learn better things and the room looks super cool!” Shawn (Y4)

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