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Nut Aware School

Found in: School News

Southern Hills Christian College takes student safety seriously.  As our school has a number of students with severe food allergies, we have adopted a 'Nut Aware School' policy.

To support this, we encourage parents to avoid sending foods that contain nuts to school. This includes peanut pastenut spreads such as Nutella and fruit and nut bars.

We acknowledge that due to food processing practices it is impractical to eliminate nuts or nut products entirely from an environment where there is food.  Many food packaging labels include the phrase ‘may contain traces of nuts’.  These foods are acceptable.  Thank you for your understanding and support of our school policies.

Coconut Allergy

We also have a student in the primary school with a contact anaphylactic response to coconut.  As a result, products with coconut such as lamingtons are not to be brought to school.  We appreciate your support in keeping our children safe.


Did you know?

Coconut comes from the coconut palm tree found in the tropics. The seed of the palm is a fruit called coconut. Many individuals confuse the coconut to be a tree nut (not surprisingly with the inclusion of “nut” in the word and the source coming from a tree), however, the coconut is actually a fruit.

(Jill Castle, MS, RD)