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Messy Friday Fun

Found in: School News

On Friday 6 May 2016 kindergarten students enjoyed their first Messy Friday.

The day started with students putting on their rain coats and walking to the bush playground for some bushland play. The Bushland Play program allows students to explore the natural environment in a closely managed way by being able to play, build and climb in a beautiful natural space. Students are able to get dirty, challenge themselves and learn a lot about self-management, decision making and risks through natural play.

Messy Friday Adventures

This was followed by other activities including;

Making soap mud out of grated soap, glitter, shredded toilet paper and water

Using shaving foam as 'cement' to stick foam blocks together

Imaginative play with cooking items such as beans, legumes and kitchen utensils

Messy Friday Soap Mud Fun


The day was full amazing adventures and fun as our kindergarten students learnt new things through messy play.