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Marine and Maritime Fremantle Museum Excursion

Found in: School News

On Monday 15 August 2016 the year eleven and twelve Marine & Maritime students  visited the Shipwreck Galleries and Maritime Museum in Fremantle. Students had the opportunity to interact and observe some of WA's finest marine archaeological artifacts.  

The marine and maritime students arrived in Fremantle and went straight to the Shipwreck Galleries Museum. There we were able to view part of the Batavia and look at a little section of the stern. We could not believe that it filled up ¾ of the room. After wandering around for a little while, we had the privilege of listening to one of the volunteer guides. She was amazing and her knowledge and enthusiasm about the history and excavation of the Batavia was infectious.

We had a great opportunity to see behind the scenes inside the curator’s room. It was very interesting to touch and examine real cannonballs from this ship that was found off the coast of Western Australia. After we finished at the shipwreck museum we went and bought lunch from Kailis.

After a yummy lunch, we went to the maritime museum to have a look at the vast array of boat hull designs. It was really interesting to observe the evolution of hulls and how the advancement of technology significantly improved the maritime sector. One of the best examples of course is Australia II, which won the America's cup in 1983. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was very stimulating to link our course material with a great excursion to Fremantle.


Written by Alex