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Laser Tag Challenges

Found in: School News

To wind up the year, the College organised a laser tag event for the year ten students on school grounds. The event was held on Thursday 1 December 2016 to commemorate their year together as a year group.

A range of laser tag challenges were set up by Laser Corps which saw staff and students engaged in an afternoon of tactical laser ‘warfare’.

Honourary mention must be made to the following staff and students for their exploits:

  1. The Stealth Award – Mr Koh (For moving without making a noise on dried leaves and broken twigs)
  2. The Face Mask Award – Joel  (For looking like someone from Black Ops – Call of Duty)
  3. The Army Hopeful Award – Trevin  (For a well-executed move and fire)
  4. The Sacrificial Lamb Award – Hayden  (For always willing to draw diversionary fire)
  5. The Resilience Award – Ms Scrivener (For evading and withstanding three sniping attacks from Trevin, Mr Koh and Mr Jiow by standing behind a tree)
  6. The Camouflage Award – Euan  (For looking like a wheelie bin)
  7. The Most KIA Award – Joshua (For taking the most hits)
  8. The Teamwork Award – Jacinta, Melanie and Natalia  (Good cover fire and communications)
  9. The Mr Bean Award – Talia (For tripping over a tree root after feeling the ‘impact’ of a laser shot)

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Louwen for cooking up hamburgers and spoiling us with ice-cream at the end of the day.


Laser Tag