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Getting Involved

Found in: School News

Are you interested in assisting in our school community?

Southern Hills Christian College are currently seeking parent helpers in assisting in the following areas:

Canteen Management Committee

Parents will work under the oversight of our school commitee and establish a strategic plan for our school canteen.  We are seeking up to four parents to assist in developing a sustainable plan for the operation of the college canteen.  It is expected parents will meet monthly to provide direction for canteen operation and to provide information to the school committee.

College Annual Publishing Team

A number of our students are wishing to participate in producing a college annual.  We are seeking for one or two parents who have skills in the area of graphic design or publications to assist in the management and production of the college annual.

Click here if you would like to be contacted for one or both of these teams.  Please contact the school office for more information about these roles.