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A Taste of 'Olden Days' School Life

Found in: School News

Year 1 and 2 have been learning about the 'Olden Days' this term, and all their learning was culminated into a day of activities.  They dressed up in olden day outfits and played old fashioned games such as marbles, knuckles/jacks, snakes and ladders, yoyo and quoits.  Learning to make lemonade, ice-cream and butter from scratch was a hit along with getting the chance to sit in a beautiful vintage car.

The students then shared what they had been learning with their parents at a beautiful assembly. Well done to all and thanks to the parents and grandparents who assisted on the day!

                     StudentNews/Olden-Days-10.jpeg  StudentNews/Olden-Days-6.jpeg  StudentNews/Olden-Days-5.jpeg 

  StudentNews/Olden-Days-8.jpeg  StudentNews/Olden-Days-4.jpeg  StudentNews/Olden-Days-1cropped.jpeg

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