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2017 Primary Swimming Lessons

Found in: School News

Southern Hills Christian College intend to operate in term one, week seven and eight.

Parents were recently surveyed regarding two solutions for the closure of the Armadale Aquatic Centre. As a result of parent feedback and through working a viable solution with the Armadale Aquatic Centre we are planning to operate swimming lessons in week seven and eight of term one.  

This solution is available for 2017 as the pool is closed after term one this year through to 2018.

Parents will be provided further information regarding the lessons in the next two weeks.

Survey Results




"I'd prefer the Armadale Aquatic centre as the students will be trained and properly graded by qualified staff. Also, it is not too far from my home and work place, and my child has been there before."

"I'm happy with whatever happens really. I'm flexible in regards to this issue"


"I really appreciate the opportunity for Nadia to attend swimming lessons via school. Unfortunately, the Maida Vale option is just too far for me and difficult with regard to the timing of pick up. Thank you."


"I would be happy with either option and am just grateful that swimming lessons will be offered."


"If Maida Vale is selected I am willing to offer parent help/supervision."


"Both my child & I want to be graded properly"


"I would still love the opportunity for a swim squad but feel the lessons should be graded..."


"Swimming is an essential tool in anyone's life will be used numerous times through their life and is just as important and school learning."


"We would like to see our children go to Armadale pools this year. It is difficult to pick up our children from the other pools on a Friday.  We would like to see our children being graded and placed into a swimming class which we will be able to have a goal put in place where they can reach, for example in Armadale they have a swimming level; each level has its requirements that a student needs to meet before moving on to the next level, we like our children to know what they need to achieve so that they can reach their goal and pass the level. It's also so that they can learn the feeling of achievement after putting in hard work and effort. A swimming school in the near future would be something we would be interested in once our children reach a swimming level where they can swim and be confident. Thank you."


"I don’t live locally so I can't afford more travel. I also have 3 other children I need to consider."


"School swimming should make no impact on the students learning as it is factored into the learning schedule throughout the term. It appears the school is trying to discourage parents from sending their children to school swimming lessons. The weather at the end of March certainly is not cold!"


"Cannot pick my child up from Mida Vale as they catch the school bus to and from school."


"Would the costs of Maida Vale option be covered by the school?"  Yes for lessons, however if we operate a separate club training there would be a charge.


"Thank you"


"I love the idea of a swim squad and an opportunity to develop a sense of community through the sausage sizzle."


"Swimming lessons are so important in Australia and nothing should be prioritised over this."