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Principal's Message

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“I was recently talking with someone who was complaining about their day.  “In fact my whole week has been miserable… perhaps even the whole month!”.

“Wow!  That is pretty bad!” I thought to myself.  It made me start thinking about bad days.

Often we think of some days as just plain terrible, and other days as the best of our lives.  So why do we have bad days?  Does God punish us with bad days?

I have been challenging our students to strive to be ‘other-person centred’.  Whle we often explain this as ‘thinking about others’, I want to challenge the idea that being ‘other-person centred’ and ‘good and bad days’ are linked.

Let me explain.  Often when we are having a bad day, the focus on the day becomes ourselves.  We start looking our ourselves and start recognising how heavy, unfair or burdened our lives are.  We can make bad days about us not others.

I like to think that days are full of good and bad stuff!  Matthew 5:45 states:  “He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

Rather than seeing bad stuff as unusual and unfair, I would like our students to see it as a normal part of our lives. Bad things happening can become part of our normal and positive expectation just the same as good things. “How did I manage that difficult event?   How would I respond differently whe faced with this circumstance again?  Did it refine my character?

Perhaps look for an opportunity to discuss this topic around dinner, especially when you ask “How was your day?” and you hear “Bad!”

Have an awesome break with your families.  We pray for safety and blessings, even when things don’t go to plan.