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How Powerful is The Word!

Found in: Principal's Message

Most of us have heard the notion that the pen is mightier than the sword.  Buy why?  It is because the power of the written or spoken word has the ability to inspire many.  It has the ability to provide people hope out of despair, inspire greatness, and give courage to the hurting.

Contrastingly, words have the ability to wound and destroy.  To cause harm rather than good. How important then, is it to empower our children to be the guardians of such a powerful tool.

At Southern Hills Christian College it is our endeavour to provide an opportunity for students to become masters of this ancient art.  To continue with the metaphor of sword-play;  our students are to become experts in the fine art of form and balance, being able to use a range of techniques that are so elegantly defined, yet carried out with strength and control.

Part of our strategy over the past year has been to develop a whole school approach to the teaching of literacy.  This whole school strategy includes a structured approach to the explicit parts of reading and writing.

From a biblical perspective, the Word is foundational to the Christian world.  All things were created by His word.  Humans have relationship with God through His word.  We are saved through Jesus Christ, who is known as The Word of God.  Therfore, both from a spiritual and academic view of our world, the study of the word is significant and important.

Later in May, we will be holding an information session on our literacy program in our secondary school. If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to attend.  Click here for more information about our parent information sessions.